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An acronym that stands for "Push To Talk." It refers to a particular mode of cell phone usage wherein one holds the device in front of one's face, yelling at it and listening to its tinny speaker which continuously squawks an annoying chirping noise. A way for white trash and other lower orders to amuse themselves by pretending they're talking on radios just like policemen.
If you're using PTT on your cell phone, you're a waste of skin and should just kill yourself right now.
by SkidMarkyMark October 18, 2006
PTT is phrase also known as "Push To Talk". This is generally used two way radios.
Hey, PTT me.
by me May 24, 2004
A Bulletin Board System site from Taiwan, and its full name is 'Professional Technology Temple'. (Telnet://
PTT is the biggest bbs site in Taiwan.
by Raura October 27, 2005
Proper Texting Time
When a dude wants to smang he better not just hit you up at 11....dam a girl needs some prep time! Proper texting time is between 5-9 pm. If he doesnt follow PTT his dick aint gettin wet!!
by Deena+arie= rage hard September 28, 2011
The acronym for "Penis Tip Touch." Can be done in a sexual or a nonsexual manner. Commonly done after engaging in a sword fight with a fellow d00d.
Monty, sheathed in his lethargy, was only in the mood for a PTT with his long time colleague and classmate, Hippie Nick.
by The d00d September 26, 2006
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