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Often in dealing with Open Source Software, you ask a simple question, you get back RTFM as in Read The F...

That might be ok for dumb questions if there is adequate documentation, examples, faqs and how-to's but often more experienced people find that no one has bothered to produce documentation, or has simply added together some hastily assembled notes written on envelopes salvaged out of the trash bin and in their programmer's arrogance, think that's good enough.
Q. When my customer tries to use the shopping cart it has this odd bug where it fails to add product between the hours of 10 and 11 PM, has anyone seen this before?

A. RTFM its all been explained you stupid newbie.

Q. Umm, I've tried the single short man page created for this package, looked through the three paragraph thing that's jokingly called an install and setup manual, started looking through the source code and even started consulting the version diff files. It seems to be an actual bug.

A. I told you RTFM it's been explained in detail.

Q. PTFM so I can read it and find the answer. The equivalent of six double spaced typewritten pages you bothered to put in the tarball doesn't even begin to explain how the system's supposed to work or why a misconfiguration would cause such an odd problem.
by Golux January 10, 2011
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