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P.T.E stands for "Penetrate Then Evacuate".

so basically a one night stand really, you would find a hot girl and then get with her then get the hell out of whereever you are.
John Doe: Guess what i did last night?
Parsley frank: wut?
John Doe: I PTE'd your mum hah!
by ChronicYoung July 27, 2009
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"What's good this weekend?" "PTE"
by waynecampbell December 01, 2011
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When a young woman's body looks good today, but clearly is headed towards fat-chick-ness. This is due to either genetics or a combination of bad diet and no exercise.
She's hot today, but she's got PTE (potential to explode).
by Mondak June 02, 2005
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