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Parent/Teacher Association Stress Disorder

PTASD is the feeling that most volunteers get when they can't say no and they overcommit. Symptoms are:
1. Hiding in the produce department when you see a fellow volunteer at the store.
2. Avoiding your email for days or weeks at a time
3. Flinching, gagging, or retching when someone asks if you got their email
4. Barely slowing down and pushing your kid out of the car at school drop-off so that you can't be engaged in a conversation about PTA.
5. Beginning every sentence with "I'm sorry that I didn't ..."
I have not been able to find Jane for weeks. Does she have PTASD? I need to know about the book faire.
#ptsd #burnout #volunteer #fatigue #parent
by zwartgat December 04, 2011
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