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This is an acronym for "Pursue The Asian Pussy".

This is used when a person has yellow fever, or in other words, a person who enjoys women of Asian descent.

PTAP can be used as a verb or a noun.

The word is pronounced "pee-tap"
"Oh man I would PTAP her"
"Hey look at that PTAP"
"I just want to PTAP"
by MrBrownie February 23, 2009

Acronym for "pretty to a point"

Used to describe an attractive female who display external beauty but has a horrible and/or obnoxious personality. Their behavior overrides any of their attractiveness. Sadly, guys are usually drawn to them since they're usually "easy" and major flirts. This causes much annoyance to many of the other individuals unfortunate enough to have to interact with them.
Most of the jocks in high school seem to flock around the P-TAP girls.
by sdjfhhjasfhf September 14, 2007
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