A promising handheld manufactured by Sony which has fallen relatively short of expectations, due to numerous fundamental flaws and a lacklustre games catalogue. Beyond the slick, glossy look and expansive but half-baked media capabilities, lies a surface which attracts finger oils like an oxy pad and demands more care than a mentally-deficient infant, poor memory options with the outrageously expensive 'memory duo stick', a piss-poor battery life, which despite being dependent on how graphically intensive a game is, is still unacceptably low, and a software catalogue which comprises of a plethora of ports and rehashes.

Regardless, it has phenomenal technical capabilities and better titles are further down the line, such as Exit.

One of its trademark symbols is reflective of its functions, which include pictures, movies, music and most importantly, games. In addition, it has its own web browser and frequent firmware updates add various new features, such as support for different file formats.
Open-minded gamer: It's difficult for me to say a whole lot of positive things about the PSP at this moment in time, but eventually Sony will iron out these first-generation flaws and we'll see a better range of games.
by Reju January 03, 2006
Perfect Sprinkler Placement. Placement of a sprinkler so that the entire lawn can be watered at once.
Bob's elusive dream was P.S.P...

Oh fuck, I thought this was
by geekmalone September 17, 2014
Stands for PLUS SIZE PLAYER, someone who is usually over weight but still manages to attract the ladies.
She chose me cause Im a PSP...
by JHubba December 19, 2011
When you're a Jewish kid growing up in Pikesville, MD and going to a public school, you learn that the best high school parties are always the private school ones. The houses are bigger, the girls are hotter, there is alcohol everywhere and things go down that can't even be described with pure certainty. Pikesville also invented the term swirls. PSP.
by PSPcreater October 10, 2010
Post-Sex-Piss: After engaging in coitus the need to urinate will surely follow. This piss, for guys at least, us usually a messy one because the direction of the urine cannot be controlled and it also has the remnants of exchanged bodily fluids. Might sound nasty, but if you fuck you will eventually have one of these. Embrace them.
"Dude, I had some good sex with nessa last night and had to take the fattest PSP afterwards."

"Did you pull an R Kelly and give her a good one in the eye?"

"Nah I accidently pissed on her cat though."

"Well at least you can say you pissed on her pussy!"
by The Griz Brotherhood September 01, 2009
The best portable device ever made period.
Person 1: Haha I can play GBA games on my DS and you can't on your PSP
Person 2: Actually, yes I can as well as NES, SNES, N64, PS1, GB, GBC, and many other games too!
by Justingraziano July 18, 2008
acronym for Platnium Status Player
Since I am a P.S.P, I have no time to sleep!
by Cory K August 27, 2007
pooped, shaved, played, showered!
Hey guys i psps today!!
by Danny89 November 24, 2006

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