High powered sniper rifle that is commonly used by Solid Snake.
"Otacon! I need a PSG-1!" - Solid Snake
by David Auger April 19, 2003
Top Definition
Precision rifle made by the Heckler and Koch arms company. Based off of the famous G3 design, this rifle is accurate, powerful, and reliable. However, it is loud and heavy, and earlier models are unable to have their scopes switched. This rifle is still good, and is the standard for semiauto sniper rifles. It is actually made with counter terror and police use in mind, so it is not a good military rifle.
The PSG-1 is one of the best semi auto sniper rifles made for counter terror and police ops.
by Lancet Moonshadow January 31, 2005
Praezisionschutzengewehr("precision shooting rifle"). Considered by many to be the most accurate semi-auto sniper rifle in the world. It was developed in response to the 1972 Munich Olympics, in which the current sniper's weapon, the G3SG1, was not accurate enough to make a good shot. It uses the same system from the G3 assault rifle, a roller-locked delayed blowback action. It has a unique fully-adjustable butt stock as well as an adjustable trigger shoe. It also comes with a specially-developed mini-tripod. It can only use one scope, that being the one issued with the rifle, a 6x42 Hensholdt scope. It has a weird form of extraction in which it flings the spent casing nearly 32 feet from the weapon, which is one reason why it isn't popular with professional armies. The other reason is that the weapon is very heavy, weighing nearly 18 pounds. All this comes at a very hefty price tag of $10,000 dollars.
The PSG-1 can easily put one right in between the eyes.
by Galloping Ghost June 05, 2005
Made by Heckler&Koch of germany and often mistaken, along with the msg-90
in the movie 'Sniper'. The rifle used in 'Sniper' was an SR9(TC)
I was able to fire a PSG-1. It was bliss.
by H&K lover September 05, 2003
The Dogs Dingalings of a sniper rifle
The weapon seems to fit like a glove when in the prone position, and coupled with the accuracy, it makes for one hell of a snipers favourate toy. i love it
by Nigel Hollington (UK) October 26, 2003
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