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The PS3 controller looks exactly like the PS2 controller, no longer vibrates, has really crappy "motion sensors" which only a few games will use, and is wireless.

Sony will not be losing 50% of their female market because of the lack of vibrating, anyone who makes that joke is lame. Controllers shouldn't go there.
Those guys at Sony are so incredibly original. Making the PS3 controller look exactly the same as the PS2 controller.
by Loki S. Death May 13, 2006
The dumbest looking controller I have ever seen. It practically looks like a double dildo or a boomerang.
Some idiot: Omg roffle teh PS3 controller pwnz0rz j00r Xbox 360 controller!11!eleven!!

Meh: Sure it does. And I'm sure you and your daddy have a fun time with it...
by Big cock June 03, 2005

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