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A pairing between two well known individuals, organised by a PR rep for the purpose of boosting their media presence.

These tend to go hand in hand with a film or TV show romance and give a steady release of staged paparazzi shots.
Dianna Agron and Alex Pettyfer's 'romance' was masterfully orchestrated around the promotion of the film 'I Am Number 4' only to suddenly break off right around the release date...

KStew and RPatz, a long standing PRomance are having big 'issues' right now. Coincidently on the run up to the release of the final Twilight.
by Code86 July 28, 2012
A romance created to achieve public relations goals.
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth quickly developed a 'promance' to help create buzz around the opening of the movie 'The Last Song'.
by cynical monster April 06, 2010
The tendency of the media to give a "pass" to certain politicians, celebrities and/or sports figures; to create a mythology around them rather than seek out the truth or report the actual news.
The media had a real promance with Chris Christie prior to his current troubles.
by Newboro1972 January 22, 2014
When two men have a work relationship, that is completely platonic, but facilitates motivation, ego-stoking, and enhances their daily work.
Two men meeting at work and then doing everything together, including ego stroking, slight competition, frequently talking about one another, getting beers and talking about work.

"Hey Nikee, have you notice the new promance between our husbands, Derek and Chris? They spend so much time working and all they talk about when the get home to us is each other!"
by garnet31 August 12, 2009