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A false statement usually presented by a mass media outlet as being true, in order to deceive, condition, and manipulate the members of the audience. Propaganda is information disseminated to persuade. And PROFACT is short for propaganda-fact.
The dictionary in a Macintosh computer gives this PROFACT: "The illusion of family togetherness", as an example of the word "illusion." Though that example appears innocuous, in reality it insinuates that "family togetherness" is an illusions, an anomaly, therefore rare. Though in reality "family togetherness" is natural, creational, innate, normal, automatic, healthy, and widespread. Presenting "the illusion of family togetherness" as an example of the word "illusion" distorts reality, sets an example, acts as a role model, targets primarily young people (because they do not lived long enough to know what is true), and in the worst case scenario might ultimately dehumanizes anyone who accepts a PROFACT as being a fact.
by PROFACT December 24, 2013
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