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A tortuous program created by malicious adults aimed towards decimating the mind of young teens (middle school scholars)by overloading the amount of homework and exams. Found in Odle Middle School, the program eradicates any participants chance to maintain a life and mediocre grades. Teachers of the program explode over the petty faults and exercise their disciplinary rights too often. Slowly driving the participant to insanity, the program provokes the perfection of procrastination, cheating, and BSing.
Mark- "Hey! Wanna go watch a movie this saturday?"
John- "Sorry, I got PRISM homework."
Mark- "How 'bout next weekend?"
John- "PRISM Test"
2) (symbolical use)
Trish- "Did you hear about the torture in Iraq??"
Eliza- "YEAH! They went PRISM on their ass!"
by prismite November 04, 2005
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A term for the head derived from an analogy between a physical prism's direction of light and the mind's direction of though.
"Tell me who is him, blow up his fuckin prism, make it a vicious act of terrorism."
by Yung Yung Crack August 13, 2007
Prism = Pre + Jism.

Bam! Defined.
You dude. That chick was grinding me real hard on the dance floor. I think I prismed a little bit.
by Marshall Brody November 02, 2009
the absolute best cs player in the entire world.
prism just aced our team 13 rounds in a row. hes so leetsauce.
by roflcopter August 06, 2004

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