acronym for "Post Relationship Disbelief," when one reflects upon past relationships and cannot believe that:
1) they lasted for as long as they did,
2) that they ever began at all, or
3) any variation upon this theme.
Girl: "Wow, do you remember when I dated that pompous asshole? Oh, and that other pompous druggie? And that guy who did nothing but lie to me?"
Friend: "I take it you're having some serious PRD."
by Tory C. August 26, 2007
Top Definition
Short for "Pre-Rolled Doobie" or Pre-rolled Doobage" ie; a joint already rolled
I have a PRD want to get stupid
by xxjjpxx September 15, 2003
Pre Race Dump

A warm-up type activity undertaken by Orienteers, usually before racing or training.
Timtom, lets go for a PRD

You go to the start, I need to PRD this shit.
by Grahammm September 15, 2009
post Regeneration Depression. The feeling that comes across all Whovians when the Doctor regenerates into someone new.
Noooo don't leave us Tennant! I feel the P.R.D coming on.
by Jay C Kush December 11, 2013
Pussy ride deluxe
Damn, that car is the smallest PRD i eva seen nigga
by Jamal January 03, 2003
A moron. Someone who thinks of themselves as a god.
That guy thinks he is PRD cool.
by Proxy May 23, 2003
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