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Slang for: To be screwed over or hurt by...
Refers to the Prairie Ridge H.S. (Crystal Lake, IL) wrestling team's disgusting sexual hazing exposed in early 2010.
"I got PR-ed at pizza hut today, my food came out fifteen minutes after my friend's."
"Mr. Mueller's chemistry test really PR-ed me today."
by Doctorjazz February 05, 2010
Short for "predator", anything that hunts a quarry or prey.
Many preds like the taste of venison.
by Austin Wolfclaw August 02, 2004
the opposite of derp. can be used in any situation where you don't know what to say next.
Guy 1: "Dude I totally just scored with that chick from our Theatre class!" Guy 2: "You mean the one who has herpes?" Guy 1: "Are you serious?? Damn I fucked up.." Guy 2: "Pred."
by eerisedsaysshutupkevin January 12, 2010
The time between official dating and meeting or getting to know a person. Also referred to as "talking".
Are you guys dating yet? Nah, man we're just in pre-d.
by darkbluerose January 04, 2009
A pred is an older guy or girl who goes for younger people, most of the time when at a party when alcohol is involved, they take advantage of drunk people
Taylor: 'Stay away from him he's a pred, at the last party he got with 3 younger girls!'
Jane : Ew, thanks for telling me'
by predradar March 24, 2014
highly skilled individual. usually in the shadows or out of sight. approach with caution
you were educated by pred
by xbc December 11, 2003
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