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Pomona-Pitzer Cross Country. The exclusive and widely respected cross country team from Pomona and Pitzer College in Claremont, California. Besides drowning opponents in the steeple chase, PPXC is known to raise a ruckus in the small town of Claremont. While all reports are unconfirmed, PPXC has been linked to the kidnapping of significant others, racketeering, and throwing possessions on the ground. Division III powerhouse as well as small town terror house.
Example 1:

PPXC Runner: Girl, run with us.
Guy: Hey dude, that's my girlfriend.
PPXC Runner: PPXC!

Example 2:

Guy: That man is racketeering!
PPXC Runner: PPXC!

Example 3:

Guy: That's my iphone!
PPXC Runner: PPXC!
by PPXC4LIFE February 09, 2010

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