Pits, Pussy and Tits - a quick sponge bath (in the sink) that just focuses on the "critical areas" because there is not the time for a full bath or shower
She called and said she'd be over in 15 minutes and I'd just got in from tennis. I had to grab a PPT so I wouldn't stink and some clean underwear!
by bath_ranger August 05, 2009
Peace peace temp, to leave a conversation or person. Different way of saying goodbye.
Im going bro PPT
by Swifty & Walters & Steeley May 17, 2011
The greatest Forums on the 'Net, originally based on neopets.
I spent the weekend constantly refreshing to see if PPT was back up.
by Nani September 01, 2004
Primary Penis Toucher; Can refer to a girlfriend or your #1 girl
John-Man I really need to get some tonight.

Mike- Call your PPT man.
by GingersHazSouls April 01, 2011
Acronym for P-Prime P-Posting T-Time. When you want to get the most "likes" or the most comments on a status posted on Facebook or Twitter post on Twitter.
Sally- "Hey Rodger this is such a PPT right now!"

Rodger- "Oh I know Sal! I have like 300 friends on chat and its about 7:30 at night!"
by Chad4Killaz December 14, 2010
Stands for 'Pink Poogle Toy'. The main website is filled with ad- and spyware while the forums is filled with 11 year old kids who think they're funny. They are all suck-ups of a terrible site called Neopets which has huge ads, spyware and unfair moderators. Pink Poogle Toy bans people who say negative things about neopets and hate all users of the antineopian forums.
PPT is a terrible website
by Someone.. May 01, 2005

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