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"PPSS," or "Private Pay, State Save." is the struggle many Seniors experience in high school. During the searches and applications for Colleges, many have to make the hard decision of Pay for Private, meaning spend the extra dough on the nice school, or Save for State, going with the state school to save some cash.
"Hey man what did you decide for your PPSS? I know you were considering that private school, but damn isnt it like 45 grand a year?"

"Yeah dude I went with the good 'ol SS, its 30 grand cheaper."
by LuckByChance June 01, 2009
Peruvican Penis Shriveling Syndrome.

In poverty stricken Peruvia, where Peruvian ancestors hale, their penises occasionally shrivel with the onset of disease and steroids.
Dr: Ma'am, i am sorry to diagnose you with PPSS
Woman: I DON"T HAVE A PENIS! That is my Clitoris
by JessieBriley July 17, 2010

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