pretty poor planning
That was some ppp on your part.
by aaron wilson August 03, 2004
a group of youngsters you havent yet reached puberty, a.k.a, the pinky pride parade
look at those ppp in the back, their balls need to drop!
by nipple d's June 04, 2004
Pansexual Peace Pary - Political Party that condemns all acts of violence, including but not limited to sabotage, assault, theft, bombing, assassination, and torture.
My political stance is with the PPP
by Ben Baham March 08, 2004
Poorly Produced Production. A television, radio or print publication that is not done well.
This morning's colloquium was a serious PPP
by hacked Mikey's machine October 12, 2001
Purple Philippino Posse - The gang is boasting a small membership and is located in Connecticut from East Lyme, Salem, Oakdale and Waterford.
by VAKI5 August 19, 2003
pong, pussy, and pizza
yo man lets get ppp tonight, it will be sick
by jondawg April 09, 2006

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