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Point to Point Protocol
A method of transport of data on the net
My latest 56.6 kilo-baud connection uses PPP!
by NewbieUK August 03, 2003
Pinche(s) Puta(s) Perfecta(s) (spanish for: Fucking Perfect Bitch(es))
It is said of all those bitches that are always right... Or so they act like.
A: Hey, did Jenny apologize already?
B: No, she is a total PPP.

Girl: ...and that's where babies come from.
Boy: Erm, I don't want to be rude, but babies come from sex, not from a stork.
Girl: Shut up. I'm right. You're wrong.
by atascado85 March 22, 2011

Portable Pizza Holder

often mistaken for the abbreavation PPP by brunettes.

Happens only with little ceasers pizza
(fake names for this example..)

Madison- ITS A PPP!


Carly- Losers.

Kenzies Mom- I agree.
by maddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii January 13, 2011
Prime Partying Place
Kyle) I have a cottage with six bedrooms and a boat.
Zach) Thats a PPP man! When are you going to throw one?
by ZMasterMoore June 01, 2009
A acronym that is short for 'Potter Puppet Pals'. Potter Puppet Pals is a series of video made by Neil Cicierega on youtube.
I love the new PPP video on youtube
by Simpsonsdude13 February 02, 2009
Point to Point Protocol.A method of connecting communication devices between two nodes over cable wires,or optical fibre.The method of connection,most broadband ISPs give to their customers.
I connect to the internet via PPPoE(PPP over Ethernet).
by creeping_death December 06, 2007
Acronym for Public Porn Portal. Another name used for a public library or other public building that contains comptuers readily available to the public for browsing the internet (for porn). At our public library (PPP) all the kids go there to surf porn because of the lack of supervision and their parents just drop them off and consider the library a babysitter. Kids can learn skills such as quick windows minimizing abilities and on the lookout for passerbys and the popo. PPP users can be identifed by having a book on their lap and have 3-4 minimized windows up with a genaric page such as the google.com homepage with an empty 'back' button history since they were not using that site (a coverup).
Frog: Hey, we have to go fix some comptuers at the public library.
Eleazar: What, you mean the PPP?
::while on the phone, Margoh the sales rep calling husband in tech support::
Margoh: Honey, I am out on the road and cant find a Starbucks with wifi.
Eleazar: Oh, just go to the PPP and hope the kids are still in school.
by Eleazar May 18, 2006