Abbrieviation of "Priestess of The Moon".
A Night Elf hero character famous for the skill, Starfall.
In melee and DotA alike POTM fucks with opposing teams when played and built correctly.
Duc Huy: "Fuck, Slice can really play POTM good. His arrows and Starfall totally fuck with my Abaddon's shield."
by Don(nie) March 08, 2009
Top Definition
The notorious Night Elf hero who is named the Priestess of the Moon. A woman who rides a giant pussycat.
I just slept POTM while she was casting Starfall. w00t!
by Graham May 24, 2003
The hero that can change a game from a loss to a win.
Just owned 3 armies with a starfall...
by guru_fu September 07, 2003
poop of the month. a monthy poop in which all intestines and food is completely cleared from your tract.

the runs.
dude, p.o.t.m last night, i lost like 5 pounds.
by 4fg5d46fgs September 01, 2011
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