In Pomona it conveniently can abbreviate "Pomona Police". The po po can usually be seen driving by the street outside my bedroom window every night in groups of ten or fifteen. Often they are accompanied by a ghetto bird.
My Girl:There goes the Po Po again.
Me: I'm just glad they are so busy they don't bother pulling me over for speeding.
by Bryansix May 26, 2005
punk ass, bitch ass, coward ass, crooked ass police.
Fuck! It's the po po!
by Lil E August 17, 2005
Pimped Out Piece of Shit(Popos)

pronounced Popis

When someone buys a beater car and attempts to make it look pimped out by adding spoiler, rims, etc. Even with all money pumped into it, the car still looks like shit.
I was going to the bar, when this scrub drove by trying to look all bad ass in his popos.
by Corz April 16, 2006
A word used in Hawaii to refer to one's grandmother.
"I love going Popo's house, she always makes da bes' grindz!"
by be ma honey 808 November 04, 2009
mother's affectionate slang for a baby's bottom.
Old song goes "feet up, pat em on the popo, just hear him laugh....ha ha ha......"
by Roxyann February 16, 2009
the elderly word for a toilet

or the police
i threw up in the po po
the po po is comin
by Billie May 01, 2004
Police comes from a variation of VoPo or Volkspolizei German for "People's Police"
stash the ya its popo is commin
by WR17 April 16, 2009

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