A word used in Hawaii to refer to one's grandmother.
"I love going Popo's house, she always makes da bes' grindz!"
by be ma honey 808 November 04, 2009
the elderly word for a toilet

or the police
i threw up in the po po
the po po is comin
by Billie May 01, 2004
Police comes from a variation of VoPo or Volkspolizei German for "People's Police"
stash the ya its popo is commin
by WR17 April 16, 2009
mother's affectionate slang for a baby's bottom.
Old song goes "feet up, pat em on the popo, just hear him laugh....ha ha ha......"
by Roxyann February 16, 2009
yet another word for the vaginal region
Jenn has a shaved po po
by thatgirl March 18, 2004
Pissed off police officer
here comes the P.O.P.O
by looker December 01, 2003
a dance like the salsa but it is preformed in africa with black people.this is the most popular dance in africa. it is a fun celebration
oh my god i just saw popo preformed in africa during my vacation to help them get water
by tony diterrilzi April 28, 2008

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