Poop On My Face- a phrase used to express frustration, sadness or a general upset-ness at the world.
"I heard we have an in-class essay tomorrow that no one prepared for or knew about that counts for 95% of our grade!"

by vballer16 September 20, 2011
Top Definition
The sound you make when you fall backwards onto the bed while being a little girl.
by Anonononous February 04, 2011
An onomatopoeia for a loli falling onto a bed. Originated from the loli doujin, The Light of Tsukimi Manor 2.
Wah! What are we gonna do on the bed?
by Pomfski February 15, 2011
The sound a Pegasus makes when it get's a wing boner.

An onomatopoeia that signifies a wingboner.
Fluttershy is walking in front of Rainbow Dash, and Rainbow Dash stares at her plot. She Pomf's.
by Skyshine Shimmer October 21, 2011
Chat/IM/blog acronym for Peace Out Mother Fuckers.
Well I G2G!
by Kuro Neko March 12, 2006
abbreviation for "poop on my face".

It started as a phrase said in times of exasperation between two friends in a suburban area of upstate new york. Since then, it has spread like the swine flu. It can be seen sported on t-shirts worn by only the coolest high school students.
Person one: Ughhhhhhhhh I have to study for an AP test. POMF!
Person two: aw man, yes, POYF!
by dontpomf January 02, 2010
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