Its another word for pork that reeks like poo.
1.You made some nasty polf.

2.You smell like polf.
by kyle March 21, 2005
Top Definition
Pants Off Lie Flat. Said after a big meal or a long night. Describes that feeling of needing to remove one's pants!
That was an awesome meal and now I need to POLF!
by Kb575 December 01, 2013
A game played on a pool table but instead of using pool cues, you use a golf putter and stand on the table (without shoes on) .. You then play "pool" but putt the white ball into the coloured balls using the golf putter... Played in only one pub which is The Flaming Trebuchet (often against BOB)
Fancy a game of Polf?
by The Landlady June 17, 2013
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