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acronym for Pimp Of All Pimps.. rhymes with SOAP..
Hugh Heffner is def part of Team POAP..
by CRP August 26, 2005
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Acronym for 'Pvp, on a Pvp Server'
Created by Ricesbot on the Stonemaul Realm forums in the game World of Warcraft in 2007.
Steve says: Yo dude! Stop ganking me man!!!
Bob says: Its just POAPS! man, stop crying. you rolled on a pvp server thats what you get.
by Cronoo November 06, 2007
41 14
Acronym for 'Pvp on a Pvp Server'
'Man! These bastards keep ganking me!'
'Its just POAPS! Stop crying!'
by Cronoo August 20, 2007
33 14
POAP is an abbreviation for pussy on a pedestal
"i'll take your girlfriend and put that pussy on a pedestal" -Kendrick Lamar
by Anonymous3510 May 20, 2013
2 1
Pussy on a plate, this is where a boy has a girl that is willing to have sex whenever and wherever he wants.
"This girl is gagging for it, she's my P.O.A.P."
by Deano Harris January 12, 2006
4 3
A popular rap group based in Dallas very famous for there sick rhyming skills lead by MC Dirt a.k.a. master of ceremonies
i saw POAP last night they were so fucking great it made feel like i wanted to go on a killing rampage like seriously i have to fucking kill some because of the sear fucking awesomeness of there fucking music.

(before a POAP concert) "this band asked me not to read this but God dammit im going to read it anyway because i wrote it and its the truth I FUCKING LOVE THIS BAND" -guy from club owner from Tenacious D
by Anonymous3510 July 13, 2013
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pull out and pray. if you are having sex without any birth control, you would have sex, pull out before ejaculation, and pray for no pregnancy.
i boned jenny last night, and we used the POAP method.
by jnb1101 July 21, 2006
9 9