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Acronym for 'Pvp, on a Pvp Server'
Created by Ricesbot on the Stonemaul Realm forums in the game World of Warcraft in 2007.
Steve says: Yo dude! Stop ganking me man!!!
Bob says: Its just POAPS! man, stop crying. you rolled on a pvp server thats what you get.
by Cronoo November 06, 2007
Acronym for 'Pvp on a Pvp Server'
'Man! These bastards keep ganking me!'
'Its just POAPS! Stop crying!'
by Cronoo August 20, 2007
Pussy on a plate, this is where a boy has a girl that is willing to have sex whenever and wherever he wants.
"This girl is gagging for it, she's my P.O.A.P."
by Deano Harris January 12, 2006
POAP is an abbreviation for pussy on a pedestal
"i'll take your girlfriend and put that pussy on a pedestal" -Kendrick Lamar
by Anonymous3510 May 20, 2013
pull out and pray. if you are having sex without any birth control, you would have sex, pull out before ejaculation, and pray for no pregnancy.
i boned jenny last night, and we used the POAP method.
by jnb1101 July 21, 2006
A popular rap group based in Dallas very famous for there sick rhyming skills lead by MC Dirt a.k.a. master of ceremonies
i saw POAP last night they were so fucking great it made feel like i wanted to go on a killing rampage like seriously i have to fucking kill some because of the sear fucking awesomeness of there fucking music.

(before a POAP concert) "this band asked me not to read this but God dammit im going to read it anyway because i wrote it and its the truth I FUCKING LOVE THIS BAND" -guy from club owner from Tenacious D
by Anonymous3510 July 13, 2013
acronym for Pimp Of All Pimps.. rhymes with SOAP..
Hugh Heffner is def part of Team POAP..
by CRP August 26, 2005
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