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Private News Network
Rumors amongst U.S Army privates. The PNN is usually about scheduled training, who has drugs, he-said-she-said type of deal, not unlike gossip in high school. The PNN is often unreliable, but sometimes you can get really good information from it.
1. "Hey, Private Rambo heard the Drill Sergeant talking about a surprise 1:30a.m room inspection!"

2. "I heard form the PNN that we won't be able to go home this weekend because some people have extra duty."
by nihonjin _dewanai January 13, 2008
PNN is "Passive, Numb, and Neutered" reflects the sheep-like state of mind often found in large companies where individuals are simply biding their time and have learned to NOT swim upstream or question authority, it's better to be PNN to keep yo' job.
"I'm quitting this management position as I don't make a difference here, everyone is PNN'd, and I need more out of my career".
by Drea Jean September 08, 2010
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