Something guys think THEY have to deal with.
God, that bitch is PMSing again.
by Jenny Shaw January 15, 2007
Pass Me the Shotgun
She is must be having pms stay out of her way today!!!
by TH June 03, 2003
A powerful demon that summons itself into the body of a woman once a month for about a week.
Dude, my girlfriend is suffering from PMS, don't get near.
by KaotiK May 31, 2005
I had realized that mostly guys had written about pre menstrual syndromes and FYI:THEY DON'T EVEN GO THROUGH IT!!! And, not every female goes through PMS that effects their mood. I read that it actually depends how much estrogen intake you have and some foods are neuro-transmitters, resulting in moodswings.

So,let me just get to the point: PMS (pre menstrual syndrome) is caused by the uterus shedding its lining because a female's monthly egg isn't fertilized and dies.

Guys, girls with PMS won't kill you!!!
by randomgrl December 20, 2006
when a girl is on her period and gets mad when you say something that would normally just piss her off a little bit.
this is probably because she's experiencing horrible cramps while at the same time being accused of using her period as an excuse not to please her man.
whoever thinks a period is torture for MEN is seriously misguided. swallow a ravenous squirrel, sit there until it claws itself out while a tampon is up your ass and maybe you'll feel differently.
not all girls go through bad PMS, like me, for instance. i'm lucky that way, I usually just curl up in pain and try to avoid any talking.
by ihateperiods. January 31, 2008
P: Pre. M:Menstrual. S: Syndrome

Part Monster Syndrome
Pity Me Syndrome
Pain and Murder Syndrome

Lotsa syndromes...

PMS is when a girl's (who has gone through puberty but not reached menopause) uterus sheds its nasty ol' layer of mucus and blood because her egg hasnt been fertilized that month. That's the technical term.

Here's what it means for us guys out there: WATCH YOUR BACK. These crazy moodswings and temper tantrums will get you to hell faster then you can say "PLEASEDONTSTABMEWITHTHEKNIFE". Just stay back and don't try to help, cuz that makes it worse. You really can't fix it, and then the girl just gets all pshycho bitch sensitive and either A. Shuns you B. Yells at you C. Starts crying or D. Pulls out her concealed weapon. PMS is something girls gotta live with and guys gotta live with (yes, i acknowledge that girls have the worse part of the deal, but A. that is not our fault so don't take it out on us and B. we can't do anything about it so don't take it out on us even more for trying our best to help.)
Girl: Oucheeee i have cramps!
Guy: Aww baby lemme try and make you fell a lil better!
Girl:...what did you say?
Guy:I just said i wanted to make you feel better =)
Guy: I know you are, I'm just trying to help!
Girl: Pulls out concealed weapon (told you she'd do it!) GET OUT!!!!!!
Guy: This is my house...
Girl: Don't get sassy with me!
Girl: *sigh* I'm so tired! (collapses on floor)
Guy: Are you ok???
Girl: *Wakes up* how DARE you wake me up from my nap! *starts crying* I love you so damn much!
Guy: What the hell
Guy: I'm outta here...
Girl: DON'T LEAVE ME PLEASE! I'M SO LONELY!!!...hmmm I WANT SOME CAKE. No, i'm too fat! Am I too fat? YOU THINK I'M FAT!
Guy: I'll be back in a week...*shakes fist angrily* CURSE YOU PMS!!!
by Iwishihadapineapple May 06, 2008
A curse. A symbol of unfairness. An uncontrollable Hell that fulfills all the things that can make a woman sad: fatness, ugliness, and ickiness. It occurs a week or days before a woman's period.

During this time, men will drive women to become lesbians for the simple fact they are insensitive and cynical towards this cruel suffering that women go through. Oh, so your mad because you can't get no ass, freak?

PMS will make a woman wish she was never born female. Penis envy can occur.
I have PMS as I write this. I want to die. And I don't just have any ol' type of PMS. I have a severe, psychotic form of PMS called PMDD that causes me to have temporary bipolar disorder. I'm not kidding.
by twistedbabydoll August 05, 2007
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