"piss my pants laughing"; can be used interchangeably with lol, lmao, rofl, etc.
person A: "hey check this out..." (sends link)

person B: (watches) "OMG this is hilarious...pmpl"
by kuroishinobi76 January 30, 2010
PMPL...means to;

When that girl fell flat on her face i totally PMPL.

Girl: Do you love me?
Guy: No, pmpl!!!

Use in place of "LOL" and "haha"
by lolax23 February 28, 2011
PMPL means peeing my pants laughing
when that bitch fell on her face i started to PMPL
by MINK FLUFF February 25, 2011
an acronym, meaning Piss My Pants Laughing. An alternative to LMAO and ROTFL.
John: What did the hand say to the face? Slap!

Dave: PMPL
by darkreaper56 February 10, 2011
PMPL is a texting abbreviation for "Peeing My Pants Laughing". It can be used interchangeably with ROFL or ROFLMAO. It is also often used in conjunction with OMG to express astonished disbelief and laughter.
girl 1: member john's weird gf?
girl 2: yeah.
girl 1: did u know they shacked up?
girl 2: fo real?
girl 1: yup. when he asked her to do the dishes, she tried to stab him!
girl 2: OMG! PMPL! pyscho!
by mackleperks January 19, 2011
peed my pants laughing
that was so funny i pmpl
by farfiter July 04, 2010
Piss my pants laughing

Used as a substitute for:

created by Remy Radkay and Shannon Farrel
Person #1: she fell down jepp stairs

Person#2: pmpl
by SFRR April 25, 2011

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