preventative maintenance checks & services - routine maintenance that the army requires of virtually every piece of equipment in its inventory.
"why do I have to PMCS a vehicle that is deadlined and has been sitting there for a month?"

"the army just about makes you PMCS your cock before you jack off!"
by hit the hole pole man March 09, 2006
The pre-Mihai cycle. When someone from Romania gets violently aggressive due to a tease or a diss that questions his man-hood/superiority. This occurs once every 28 days, however, increases of sperm may cause him to break the cycle.
After making fun of his mexican sounding music, "the biggest boss that you have seen thus far" started to PMC because his manhood was in question. He violently attacked us. We called Chuck Norris for help. Chuck Norris said I only fight Americans.
by Steven "The Big Guy" February 17, 2010
The Post Meal Cigarette. Widely accepted to be the second most important cigarette of the day, only the first cigarette of the days importance trumps the PMC.
Guy A: Alright Im full, anyone else wanna head outside for a PMC
Guy B: Hell yeah!
by Silenius May 14, 2008
Acronym for Prolapsing My Colon.

Used in reference to any activity deemed too personal or private to discuss directly.
A: Man you been in the bathroom for an hour! The fuck you doing in there??

B: PMC, obviously.
by thettrix December 06, 2011
Abbreviation for "Prolapsing My Colon". Common texting slang among teenagers.
Txt 1: Yo, dawg, whaddup?
Txt 2: Oh, not much, just pmc.
by sarahbee767 December 06, 2011
Someone who suffers from a peasant mind, unable to see reality. Stuck in a world with no back bone to make it anywhere in life. Stuck not knowing the truth, to be able to succeed. No matter what they achieve, there mind too inferior to be in control. Being told whats right, blind and unable to see what is.
"That dude suffers from PMC."
"So does the dude writing this definition."
by BaKeD May 15, 2013
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