PMB stands for Private Message Box. PM system is used on many forums. It allows users to send private messages to each other. The PM box or PMB is the place where user's PMs arrive.
Check your PMB. I just sent you something.
by Apollo69 March 13, 2008
Top Definition
A girl that is mixed with a lot of nationalities. She more than likely has everything a man could ever want. Short for Pretty Mixed Bitch.
Boy 1: Hey man you see that girl over there?
Boy 2: Yeah dude, the one with the big azz?
Boy 1: Hell Yeah, that is what you call a PMB.
Boy 2: A what?
Girl: A Pretty Mixed Bitch. (smacks ass)
Boy 1&2: DAMN!!!!
by WOT DE WOT April 04, 2011
PMB stands for "Pardon My Boner". A term that can be used by both male and female -- just because girls don't have physical boners, doesn't mean they don't have mental boners.
PMB, but it's not my fault you look so sexy in that swimsuit
by dtappy June 28, 2010
Premenstrual Bitch Syndrome is another definition for PMS.
Are you PMBSing this week?
PMS? more like PMBS!!!
by flash the Deuces November 05, 2010
Pay My Bills
You dont SMD or PMB why should i care!!!
You dont suck my dick or pay my bills why should i care!!!
by jbuk December 12, 2012
Abbreviation for Puking My Breakfast; used to indicate a level of disgust and/or disappointment greater than Shaking My Head (SMH) or Fuck My Life (FML).
My idiot friend got back together with his disgusting, stretched out girlfriend. PMB.

A bird crashed into my car and exploded over my windshield when I was driving down the highway today. PMB.
by JaMarMel July 25, 2011
Pat My Back
another way to "high five" or say good job, or sorry.
the new SMH but better.
Guy:whooo just got laid. PMB me bro!
Friend:*pats back* Good job man

Girl:aww man. had sex with that guy :( PMB please
Friend: *sympathetic back pat* it's gonna be ok.
by Adri &Val December 02, 2011
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