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When things are all good, funky, wicked. Shiny things are good, and so is pie, so good things are shiny pies.
Person 1: "I managed to get those tickets for the show!"

Person 2: "Shiny pies!"

Person 1: "Definitely."
by GMCarangi January 23, 2008
Someone who's in a bit of a huff. 'Size' can substitute 'strop' if saying someone has a strop on. Currently used by youths to make people like me feel old.
Teenager 1: "You well fancy the teacher."

Teenager 2: "I bloody don't!"

Teenager 1: "OoooOOOooo, he's got a size on!"
by GMCarangi January 23, 2008
PMB stands for Penis Memory Block. It's used to describe the trauma that occurs when a woman's been sleeping with the same man for so long she can only remember what HIS penis looks like and has no recollection of her former lovers' goods.
One day Sandra realised she could no longer remember what her ex-boyfriends penis looked like. Or any other penis for that matter; all she could see was Geoff's...

"Noooooooooooo!" she cried. "I have PMB!"

Her friends were very sympathetic.
by GMCarangi January 23, 2008

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