Los Platanos Mas Duro
Its not a gang,
Is A group of Dominicans, mainly
are Strong, Proud, and Hard to give up.
They represent Dominican Republic
all the way. They are proud, Strong,
Being the best of all Tribes, Nations,
and countries around the whole world.
P.M.D. is trying to Join all hands,
around the whole world, with Dominicans
everywhere in the world. People from
other nations, respect Dominicans,
specially if you are in P.M.D.
-are you Dominican


-are you proud, strong, and hard to give up

-mmmmmmm, yes

-then you are A P.M.D.
by El Platano Mas Duro DR July 13, 2008
(acronym) Pushing Maximum Density. A woman that is overweight, fat, F.O.B.
Dude, I saw Jen the other day and not only did she put on weight, she's P.M.D.!
by ay-non July 28, 2006
Pimp Master Daddy.
Jake: Damn, all the girls want to dance with him.
Dave: Yup, he's PMD.
by winstondahderp June 06, 2011
A group of hispanics that are strong and hard
Usually violent people that get into many fights
Usually fight between eachother
"Yo I joined P.M.D today"
by Lui$ June 26, 2008
Polish Mine Detector

In Roleplaying a low level character who's only purpose is to open suspicious looking boxes etc.
- Should I search for traps?
- Not enough time, just send the PMD
by R4phael February 12, 2005
Pimp Mack Daddy
My name is PMD Martin
by munky June 10, 2004
Pull My Dik
this was writtn by manni so im claiming this abbreviation for maself and as my own
so wen its famous they know who made it up!!!!
eg im going to shower n PMD before bed
by manni from australias April 20, 2009

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