PLC is Programmable Logic Controller.
PLC program is Ladder Program
by PLC LADDER May 28, 2009
when fine ladies get together and play tennis

also known as pine lake club(bing)
I can't wait for PLC tuesdays!
by emchammer November 29, 2006
The one and only "Phelps Lane Crew" aka "Pathetic Losers Crew" - a strictly all-male crew inhabiting Phelps Lane Park for relevant activities such as blunt-smoking, throwing rocks at innocent ducks, and generally causing a ruckus
I'm the president of the PLC Fan Club!

"The PLC never existed. That was all Jeff and Cavo."

Ohmigod, I so totally wish a member of the PLC would make out with me!!
by Anonymous December 15, 2003
one who is a member of plc crew sucker of Spain. PLC means "Petando La City". The members of PLC do graffitis and tags. My nick in PLC is "ego". We want to extend our f****ing crew around the world. To contact to PLC --->
-Go ma! do your s***ing tag quickly.
-Hey hey guy! shut up! this tag isn´t a simple tag, it's a plc tag! I must do it cool :P
by RoCCo ReLoaDeD June 05, 2003
Peace Love and Cookies

it is used as a sign off in a text message or e-mail. I invented it.
Mark: I gotta go
Michelle: ok see ya tomoro PLC
by Dancer36 April 20, 2009
Petando La City
plc crew is da best
by masterweb June 04, 2003
Probably the worst school in Australia mainly because most of the girls who attend have a couple of poles stuck up their arses.
PLC girl 1. - Oh my god! Our school rocks!
Croydon kid 1. - No...seriously no...
by jesssssssssssss June 29, 2006

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