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The act of sliding a hand between an unsuspecting target's butt cheeks in a quick, cutting motion.
While Murph and Fluffy talked about the previous nites festivities. Wrecker snuck up and gave Murph a pizza cutter.
by Fishol October 14, 2003
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When someone takes their hand and slides it upward from the taint to the top of the butt crack while jamming into the anus on the way up.
I gave that slut a pizza cutter and she liked it.
by Don Dago September 07, 2007
A very skinny tire
Look at the pizza cutters on that Geo!
by Him November 10, 2003
This is refering to the male's penis as it penetrates the woman's vagina, "cutting it open."
Last night with Emily my pizza cutter was cuttin' her pie!
by Mullroid September 16, 2005

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