poo hole cunniligus

To lick the ass
Damn baby, I is gonna come over there and give you the MAD PHC!

by Anonymous June 23, 2003
Top Definition
PHC stands for "Potential Hot Chick(s)." By saying PHC you are safe from being attacked by your friends for being unable to indentify an ugly chick from a hot chick at a distance.
"Hey, we have some PHC on the left up there at the light."
by J Fucking Z October 23, 2006
Acronym for the music genre "Post-Hardcore."

The Post-Hardcore genre started in the year 1980, with local Chicago bands such as "Saccharine Trust", "Naked Raygun", and "The Effigies" merging their post-punk lyrics and vocals, with hardcore melodies and sound.

Good examples of modern PHC bands include "Issues", "Dance, Gavin Dance", A Day To Remember", "Scary Kids Scaring Scary Kids."

There are bands that have been mistakenly labeled as PHC. "I See Stars", "Chunk! No Captain Chunk", Attack Attack!", Woe, Is Me" and "Asking Alexandra" area few Electrocore bands that are commonly mistaken as PHC.
"Hey have you heard that new album by Amidst the Graves Demons? Totally Post-Hardcore!"

'Aw dude, I love Attack Attack! Totally PHC!" "Nah dude. They're Electrocore."
by Shawn WC April 02, 2014
Possible Husband Contract
You say this when you see a sexy man and you might want to marry him but you dont know, usually with anime guys.
Emilie: -sees Ichigo on tv- GASSPPP! PHC! PHC!
Caileigh: Awww...i wanted that one!
by alfonzo van schlinkenbon February 23, 2008
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