Pickle Face Kid
Don't hire that Indian, just get a PFK!
by aggie November 08, 2003
Top Definition
Stands for: Pretty flippin kickin. Super awesomeness.
Sammy: You wanna play Turok?
Bobby: Yeah! That game is Pfk!
by Sammy SaJiver March 12, 2010
The French canadian version of Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC

PFK-Poulet Frit Kentucky

Also the american stoner name for kfc, due to the fact 95% of stoner comedies are filmed in canada, and always feauture PFK.
Hey man lets go to PFK's, i can go for a bucket.
by jahbicmanson August 27, 2010
Pizza Faced Kid Syndrome.

Death or health related complications from the aggravation of a Pizza Faced Kid (PFK). Usually associated with online gaming, as smack talk through the internet is easy and "Umadbro?" can really mess with individuals that already have anger issues.
Guy: So whatever happened to Ruburs? Did he die of some
anger induced stroke?

Other Guy: Nah, PFKS. Pizza faced kid syndrome.
by Predfark December 31, 2010
Parent's friend's kids. Usually your long time friend since you were a kid and even though you barely see them, you still share that special bond.
My dad had a party so he invited a bunch of friends along with the PFKs group. We played a bunch of card games a nintendo games but then they had to leave.
by dromanicular June 19, 2011
PFK stands for Poor Football Knowledge and refers to someone who has a lack of knowledge about something that is pretty obvious in the world of football. It also refers to someone who is told a lie about something football related but believes it is true, otherwise known as a "Garner"
Example 1:
Person 1 - Ronaldinho is bangin in the goals recently isnt he

James - Yeahh, hasnt he scored quite a few for Argentina aswell?

Person 1 - PFK!! He plays for Brazil u arsehole!

Example 2:

Person 1 - Did you hear Marcus Vivian Foe has signed for Chelsea for 10.5 million?

James - yeahh, he scored loads last season didnt he?

Person 1 - PFK!! He's dead.
by Asherleee January 06, 2009
playing for keeps.
nigga i was pfk with that shit
by thebeast11111 May 26, 2009
An acronym for Poor Fucking Kid, this refers to someone that is incompetent or has made a dumb fucking mistake, therefore showing that their minds are poor.
(never refers to the amount of wealth someone has)
Person 1- Africa is my favorite country.
Person 2- You are a PFK.
by Sandfire August 07, 2008
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