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a name in which many (i.e. dealers and acquaintances) use to call you. Many names have reason behind it either it a childhood memory or just a habit. Other names have no meaning at all and aren't used except as the person's name in someone's cell phone. A stoner name begins to consume you when you get heavier at smoking and soon there will be two of a person: the regular one with the birth name and the stoner named one.

Stoner names are not to be made fun of in anyway, shape or form. They are to be handled with respect.
R: Have you seen Stitches walking around here?
B: No but I've seen Vi-
R: NO! No I need Stitches.
B: He won't be back for a while, he's getting blazed.
R: Fucking stoner name changed him for the worse.
by Brittney Sade July 25, 2008
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