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The worst poetry site out there. Many teenage hopefuls come to get some criticism, but then get torn apart like an autistic kid at a MENSA convention. They frequently personally insult the writers themselves in their criticism of the poem. For them, "poetic license" is just an excuse for laziness. Their idea of a cliche is something that was written about once five-hundred years ago in Romania. If you're a sadist, it's perfect. If you want some real literary criticism, stay away from these forty-something balding nerds. If they criticized you, don't worry about it. They hate everyone but themselves. You're probably actually pretty good.
Average criticism:

Standard-issue beginner's self-indulgent, self-immersed prose journal-entry writing loaded with ungrounded and therefore meaningless abstractions and 31 first-person singular pronouns which makes clear that the real subject is you, a subject frankly devoid of interest. Why should anyone care about the interacracies (?/sic) of your naval when they can read someone else's wonderful poetry? Also, why do the lines have little to do with one another? (maybe because it's a DYNAMIC POEM, JACKASS?)


My poem got bashed at the PFFA, but so did everyone else's.
by Flies June 04, 2007
7 29
Short form for:

Used in conjunction with girls.
That chick over there, first row in lecture yesterday - She was so damn PFFA bro!
by Micha,TeeJay January 22, 2010
6 0
pretty from far away
me and my boy were walking down the street and we say this dime piece...but then when we got close to her we realized shes was a pffa pretty from far away
by a guy from tc July 02, 2006
11 5