An acronym standing for Pretty Fucking Close.

It is usually used in a demeaning manner implying the action wasn't possible by the person who attempted it.

PFC can be either an action or a person, someone who almost does things or something that almost happens.
1: "Dude I was talking with that girl for a while."

2: "Did you get her number?"

1: "Naw"

2: "Haha that is almost awesome, instead you just got PFC"
by ArizonaWildcat116 September 18, 2012
Pronounced as an acronym, this term can either denote the United States Army rank of E3, or as slang in the same army can mean "Proud Fucking Civilian." Most often, the second context is used by service members soon to finish their time in the service and return to civilian life.
"By next week, I'll be a PFC."
"But you're a sergeant..."
"Proud Fucking Civilian"
by GaliemVae... oh, fuck it December 06, 2004
Plain Fucking Coffee
This morning, I got myself a PFC at DD.
by RadX July 26, 2011
PFC being an acronym for "potential fat chick". A girl who isn't fat but you think could potentially become fat based on how her mother, sister, auntie look or eating habits , etc.
Person 1: Dam, Beyonce is tight!
Person 2: Doubt it, shes a pfc.
by Sublyzim October 06, 2009
pretty fuckin cool
damn dawg your p.f.c
by Amiilion Ztar December 03, 2008
Private First Class, U.S. Army Rank. Grade of E-3. Junior Enlisted Soldier.
PFC James was deployed to Iraq.
by Joe O November 08, 2003
Private First Class - Military Rank
by Anonymous November 08, 2003

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