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1. Someone who has become borderline retarded because they smoked way too much Pot.
2. A dumb Pothead.
Cheech and Chong used to be funny back in the day. But now they're a couple of petards.
by DonnieLee August 14, 2006
somebody named peter that is retarded or acts like it
peter stop being a petard and quit lighting my hair on fire!
by esse March 23, 2005
The combination of someone with the name Petard, and also happens to be a retard, hence resulting in the term: Petard.
"I can't believe he just did that, what a fucking Petard."
by SnG. April 04, 2010
This is what causes males (typically 13-19) to draw dicks whenever they get the chance to.
You know those dicks drawn in sharpie in the public bathroom? Well thats just another petard.
by ROFL-CAKE December 01, 2010
A retarded Bulgarian
He thinks he's a Bulgarian gangsta. What a Petard.
by Janyia September 03, 2006
A combination between a penis and a retard.
That kid with the big head is such a petard.
by Steven September 16, 2003
A member of the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals.
Some fucking PETArds just stole my steak.
by Beefchoker December 15, 2007