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An organic, milky, moist, cloudy substance. Natrually sticky. Never clear.
You gonna clean up all dat PEAF? I accidentally got PEAF in her eye. After cutting the plant, I realized that it had PEAFed on me. Sticky-icky icky... Oooo-wee!
by GNUT February 21, 2003
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PEAF is a reference to something that has a warm, milky, moist, and sticky nature. It originated from Milkweed, but can mean anything sticky.
Regular Definition:
Damn, that's a whole lotta PEAF that you're putting in your coffee. Careful with the PEAF, too much is bad for you.
I PEAFed on the Towel and Passed out...
by Chris February 21, 2003
when a woman queefs and pees at the same time.
Oh, sorry, did i just peaf on you?

What is that smell? Did you just peaf?!

I really have to peaf.
#peaf #pee #queef #woman #icky smell
by ohmydarling April 28, 2009
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