Verb. Gangsta slang form of 'Puddleduck' - To sleep-walk into a friend's bedroom at four in the morning and urinate (perhaps on the floor, narrowly missing his or her treasured hardback - or possibly on a pair of brand new stereo speakers).
'Don't go P-dizzling, these are my best sheets'

'Louisa P-dizzled last night.'
by Booby R-M January 15, 2007
Top Definition
A name in a little gaming clan for idiots by an xtreme idiot. He Peeeed a dizzle. Fo shizzle.
What kind of name is PDizzle?
by Cobryis May 15, 2009
someone who is the most awesome person that you know. "pdizzle" is usually the life of the party and also known as "the shit"
"What up, pdizzle? lets get wasted!"
by p~dizzle August 05, 2008
A safe word used by people who want to use the bathroom without having to state the reason for leaving. Often used in urgency when the person is in a large conversation/argument with family or friends.
Jim: "Well George, pick a side! I don't have all day!"
George: "Uh sorry Jim, I have to P-Dizzle."
by Thefuturemadscientistleague January 27, 2013
Gangster member of the Gang known as Sparks of the Bay Area, CA. Her partner is crime is Kathiizzy.
P-Dizzle is really messed up, she hacks too much.
by PriscillaXOXOOO January 21, 2009
another word for a piece.(pipe)
dude take a hit an give my back my p-dizzle
by randal dandal May 10, 2007
the my nuts make when they clack cause theyre brass
my num nums are pdizzle
by sdafsdaf October 06, 2003
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