An obscure internet acronym, standing for "Please don't use obscure internet acronyms."

Explaining the meaning of the acronym usually all that is necessary to ensure that the problem does not recur.

Similarly: PDUIA, "Please don't use idiosyncratic acronyms", used when someone makes up acronyms on their own.
Person #1: "So I know I was gonna be called a POTATO, FML, but then I was like, all YOLO."
Person #2: "PDUOIA, please."
Person #1: "...What?"
Person #2 (loud and slow, as if speaking to an addled child: "P-D-U-O-I-A."
Person #1: "What's THAT mean?"
(At this point a discussion of the acronym and its necessity may occur.)
by HowlingFantod May 29, 2012

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