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Pronounced "pee-dee-fied" or "pee-dee-ehf-fied".
1. PDFied (adj)-
(i)the condition of being almost unconscious, with glazed eyes that stare blankly ahead at the computer screen with a PDF document
(ii)the condition of being frustrated, pissed and irritable from reading too many PDF documents
(iii)the condition of a computer hard disk with too many PDF documents
For (i): "I'm so PDFied from reading over twenty readings for my essay!"
For (ii): "I'm PDFied. Now. Don't send me another."
For (iii): "My laptop's so PDFied, I only see those icons."

Disclaimer: the user has nothing against PDF. It's a good way to preserve and safekeep information. All made in the name of good fun! =)
by PDFied_Person March 28, 2008
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