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Post-Defecation Euphoria

The heavenly feeling radiating from one's ass
after they have taken a large shit in the toilet.
This 'glow' lasts for several minutes and makes
the receiver feel very good. 'PDE' happens usually
after a massive shit has been taken that hasn't done
any severe damage to the ass itself.

Also known as:

PSE (Post-Shit Euphoria)
PCE (Post-Crap Euphoria)
PDE (Post-Dump Euphoria)

John took a massive dumb and is
now experiencing PDE.
by Tasty Ham Sandwich April 30, 2006
58 7
PDE stands for Public Display of Erection.
"Dude, look at that guy, total PDE" "Oh man, put that away"
by raytoroloco December 15, 2008
24 6
Public display of erection
When you walk around with a woody that is easily visible to others around you, you are said to have a P.D.E. pde
by Jonathan Countersound December 01, 2005
7 6