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Pronounced 'Pee-Dee-Dee-Pee' and is most commonly written in capital letters.

(1) The act of defecating.

(2) Bodily waste that is released upon defecating.
My goodness, Jerry PDDP'd his pants!

Kyle! Please flush the toilette, there is still PDDP in there!

Excuse me, I must go take a PDDP.
by Fatguy318 January 12, 2010
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Acronym for "Police Department Double Penetration." This is when you are out driving and you have a cop in front of you and a cop behind you.
Sancho was out cruisin' when he noticed there was a cop hittin' him from the front and from the back. Good thing he wasn't drunk. That would have just made the P.D.D.P. worse.
by BoBRiPley June 30, 2013
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