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slang word for when you are faggoted(verb) its like psssst which is when people are offended mixed with the sound of a jet engine because dudes getting fly on you
Jeff Ireland ( miami dolphins coach ). Asked dez bryant if his mom was a prostitute. PCSH 1. Then he made a statement saying he said his dad was a pimp and his mom worked for his dad. PCSH x4 faggoted
by c0mmon May 01, 2010
A word some people use when they think they are being funny but instead are just making everyone around them realize that he doesn't know a thing he is talking about and just generally causing a mutual hate for the person saying it.
I was in a game and someone I got into an argument with said, "PCSH" Immediately after that he was kicked from the server and banned from the game.
by c0mm0n July 09, 2010
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