pc4pc like w4w is another myspace whore term Picture Comment For Picture Comment. Its a way for myspace whores to get there piture comments high cause nobody wants to have liek 2 comments && feel really ugly. Even though most of the ppl lie && say You're pretty anyway.
Ex. Hayy Bay Bay I Think You Lookin Fine. Ya Wanna Pc4Pc Wit meh? or
Hey Pc4Pc?
by SimplyStacy June 04, 2008
a term meaning picture comment for picture comment. often used by internet sluts who are fat and dont have any friends in an attempt to make them feel better. they might FEEL better, but it doesnt help that they down 6 dozen doughnuts while they are on myspace for 12 hours waiting for some poor soul to feel sorry for them and comment on some terrible picture.
internet prostitute: pc4pc?

some guy who feels sorry for her (on picture): nice......chins?
by opaquedestruction April 18, 2009
A Word That MySpace Dorks Use To Say "Yo! Comment My Picture? Ill Return The Favor!"

As In 'Picture Comment For Picture Comment'.
Lana: "Hey! Amy! Pc4Pc? Ill Return The Favor?!"

Amy: "Ohkaii!"

Lana: "Thankss!!!"
by Amyyy;; January 23, 2010
the reason conceited whores have 12 pages of comments on each of their pictures on myspace

in other words:
Julie: Hey Sarah, pc4pc?
Sarah: Sure, I'll totaly comment on your myspace pictures if you comment on mine.
by ihateattentionwhores December 20, 2009
Commonly used regarding picture comments, it's now evolved into "peace for peace" as a parting statement.
steve: hey bro i gotta get off. pc4pc
jack: peace steve.
by SteezySteveSouthern May 18, 2009
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