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Poor Bloody Infantry. The soldiers who get to hold ground while every other branch of the armed forces shoots at them.
"At 10 p.m. the 'Flying Pig' dropped a round in our front line at X 9 D 5 2. The trench was completely wrecked—the crater formed being 14 feet deep and 25 feet across. It is consoling to think that over 40 rounds have been fired from this gun into the enemy trenches during the last week.

(Very consoling to the PBI)"
--Wipers Times
by PBI January 12, 2010
Personal Bubble Invasion
Someone who always gets inside your personal comfort zone when talking to you or stands a little too close when they walk up to you. Also known as Personal Space Intruder.
"Whoa, PBI! Could you back it up a bit, you're all up in my space."
by jkjkl February 09, 2009
Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports
Why is PBIS trying to contact my parents?
by Sarah Barber August 22, 2007

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