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Precious Baby Angel
Example 1: That shirt is sooo PBA!
Example 2: Aww Elle looks so adorable as usual today! What a PBA!
Example 3: Hey PBA!
by laMsivaD01 February 08, 2011
Police Benevolent Association.
My benefits as a police officer comes from my PBA.
by lawlumad January 11, 2008
Pretty badass
check it out man, that's pba
by yksf May 31, 2012
Poisoned By Alcohol.
Yo, brother you got PBAed last night.

- I cant remember.

Well, that's why.
by RossyBoy2 December 11, 2009
Pussy Bag Anonymous.
Example 1:
person 1: do you know what you are michael antonio?
person 2: yeah, the worlds greatest rapper!
person 1: false, you are a PBA!

Example 2:
person 1: look if you dont claim it your a PBA!
by McFran dawgg October 23, 2009
Personal Bitch Assistant
Jarrod: I you need to call your client right away.

Justin: Don't worry, it's handled! I'll have my PBA do it ASAP.
Jarrod: Your "personal bitch assistant"?
by jmreal September 23, 2009
A quick shower, similar to PTA but for men. It means to wash the essentials: Penis, Balls, and Armpits. This is especially after sex or when on the run.
I wanted to take a shower after that one night stand but only had time for a PBA.
by MrPookPook July 19, 2011

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