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Post Awesome Weekend Depression.

A sense of dread and depression after coming back to reality from great weekend away from work. This is the moment when you realize you only have two days to enjoy life per week, if you're lucky.

Usually accompanied by thoughts of or related to "If only I was rich." "Why didn't I invent the pet rock?" "Shamwow, Snuggie? I could have made those."

Related Case of the Mondays PVD
What's his deal?

Oh, him? Just another PAWD victim. He'll be fine by Wednesday.
by Plastic Cup Politics June 07, 2010
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Its means to be fingered by a dog. Except the claws cut you.
Last night I got pawd, it's really hurts.
by 002Hollister August 25, 2012
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The act of punching or slaping some one to the floor or to a distanced area around you. While Telling the to shut up of get lost or get.
DId you see that guy got pawd just now for all that talk.
Well he's lucky i would have pawd him to next week.
by ZXC75 January 24, 2010
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